Thursday, February 24, 2005

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The realisation of a lifelong dream was upon her.

Her gloved hands were moist with perspiration borne of anticipation. Her heart hammered wildly beneath her fireproof overalls. The veins in her temples throbbed sympathetically within the tight, restrictive confines of the crash helmet, a helmet that crushed her cheeks together and pushed them uncomfortably up toward her eyes. The hard seat pressed against the ridge of her lesbian pissing domination and her pelvis, generating a dull ache already as she allowed the men girls that can't hold their pee her to strap her in, reaching with some hesitancy and not a little care between her legs and her breasts to securely fasten her safety belts. If she hadn't been so utterly porno piss gallery by the pics of wemen pissing of the moment she might even have laughed at their bashfulness, but this was the day when her ambitions would either be fulfilled or, just as likely, shattered forever.

There was seldom a second chance in the game that she wished to play - you either cut it or you shemales pissing and if you failed then your inadequacies would quickly become free pee wet panties knowledge and the few men who gifted these inflated pee whole would cross your name off their shortlist, having learned at somebody else's expense that you didn't have what it takes to make the grade. Few women had ever made hot pee this far, and the fact that she had should have given her pee galleries measure of pride and satisfaction, but her mind was set on something higher still, and this was just a stepping stone toward that goal - one of the last stones, admittedly, but swirling around these few remaining loose and wobbly rocks was a raging torrent fathoms deep that would sweep her downstream to obscurity should her footing falter. Hundreds had been washed away before her, seeking refuge in lesser formulae where the risks and the rewards and, hence, the satisfaction were significantly less, hundreds of ' wannabe somebodies' who were now insignificant nobodies and were destined to remain that way forever.

Ivan, her thin, shaven headed engineer leaned over her, thrusting his head directly into her face and grinned broadly ' Ready, Sasha?' He asked.

She nodded her head, but found herself unable to grin girls peeing pants stories adrenaline flooding through her system in her bodies attempt to prepare her for what her brain was telling it was about to happen. Her eyes were huge within their sockets, looking like those of some Jim Bamber cartoon character within the narrow strip of the helmet's opened visor, her mature pissing sex up face further reinforcing that comical impression. The V12 roared into life behind pee pee exhib the car immediately buzzing and throbbing with the vibrations as the power plant revved at a fast idle speed with the gearbox locked in neutral. Her engineer walked forward to the open garage doors and swept his hands in the universal 'after you' gesture. pissing thumbnail galleries free porn
Sasha selected first gear with the paddle switch mounted behind the steering wheel, the semi automatic gearbox engaging first, confirmation coming up as an illuminated '1' drinking pee on the cockpit display. Slowly she let out the clutch - yet another paddle switch mounted on the steering wheel - and gently depressed the throttle, keeping the engine revs high as the pee teen began to engage. The car moved smoothly forward, surprising Sasha as she had expected it to jerk away or even stall as this was her first attempt at driving the car, but her engineers advice had been spot on and the car rolled out of the garage and into the pit lane like it was on rails. She gave a tentative jab on the throttle once she had straightened the car up and felt her head slammed back into the headrest as the car surged ahead, it's tail end fishtailing to the right as the engine transmitted maximum torque to the download pissing video those wheels spinning against the asphalt, sending up plumes of grey smoke as the car accelerated. Three red lights lit up on the display, telling her that lesbian peeing movies engine was at optimum rpm for upshift, and she pee gee hydrangea tree the gear selector paddle, engaging second gear, and the car surged forward yet again.

' Iiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh'

Nobody heard her as she gave voice to the sensations that inundated her as the car rocketed away on full power, and when asked afterward, she would deny even uttering a sound as the car rounded the corner near the end of asain pissing thumbnail pit lane and accelerated onto the Northamptonshire circuit, but a track safety marshal on duty at this test session watched the car scream towards him, bracing himself for the ear splitting whine of the hidden pissing engine as it doppler shifted past, then looked on as it pissing female watersports wanting to pee outside the distance. For a moment he thought that it sounded as if the engine was going to let go big time and he'd finally get to use the fire extinguisher that he'd lugged around for the last five years he'd spent as a full time marshal at Silverstone, but in moments the car was gone, still running reliably, having disappeared around the corner at the top of the hill on her first jap schoolgirls pissing blood in dogs pee the 2.6 mile long race piss piss piss pics

Life does not get much better than this, Sven mused as he slowly undressed, his eyes locked on Inge, the tall, blonde Scandinavian beauty who lay sprawled across the bed in nothing but skimpy scarlet panties and a dangerously stretched bra. She stared back with hungry, come-hither eyes, her tongue idly sliding over her crimson painted lips, making them glisten and shine wetly, like a wolf sizing up a particularly succulent chicken the Dutchman thought, anticipation of what he hoped was about to transpire between them penis pee a chill rippling down his spine. This particular bitch was really hot stuff, her mannerisms i wanna pee on you convincing him that she was going to be an uncontrollable, uninhibited animal between the sheets, something that he hadn't experienced in quite a while. Most girls that he bedded these days were quite staid and boring, awed by the fact that they were being screwed by a famous Formula 1 race car driver and ex-world champion into just experiencing the ride rather than actively participating in it, leaving the driving to the expert as he'd once described pee on me it to a friend.

' How long before your boyfriend gets back?' Sven asked her.

' Ages.' She breathed. ' So relax and come fuck me.'

He climbed onto the bed pictures of japanese girls who piss or mess or shit he had undressed to his shorts, the woman disappointing him by rolling over onto her back in what he interpreted as submission, her large silicone enhanced breasts standing up from her chest, straining the bra to breaking point. Sven grinned down at her as he climbed on top, kneeling between her legs and forcing her thighs wider apart with his knees. She offered little resistance, her legs spreading eagerly to reveal thick blonde bush on either side of the gusset of the flimsy panties that she wore. He reached between her legs and pulled the gusset to one side to expose her damp hole, rubbing a finger gently between her engorged labia in search of the hard nub of her clitoris, making her groan and thrust her mound towards his hand, desperate for that finger to bury itself inside her. He teased her by caressing her cunt lips carefully, smearing her leaking oils over the exposed flesh but never inserting so much as a fingertip inside her as he explored her body.

' Shove it up me,' she sighed.

' Not yet.'

' I'm wet enough to take half your hand!' she moaned. ' Fuck me with your fingers.'

' Relax,' Sven whispered, then climbed off her, forcing her legs closed again before tearing her panties off and tossing them onto the floor. He knelt beside her and kissed her stomach, running his tongue along her smooth, flat belly fucking squirting pissing her navel, where it probed and licked at the wrinkled depression for a few moments before her hands fastened upon his hair and pulled him upward. Their lips crashed hungrily together, tongue's forcing into each other's mouths, probing and licking and sucking as Sven's fingers moved back down between her legs to play with her pussy again. She spread her legs wide apart on the bed, desperate to swallow his hand, and crushed his head tighter to hers with one hand while the other slid between her own thighs to find his, pushing it harder against her mound until Sven was virtually grinding it into the bed and it was almost inevitable that such pressure would eventually force a finger into such a damp, ready hole.

' Yessss,' Inge hissed, free adult pee picks one finger in up to the knuckle, arching her back in breathless hunger for more. Sven moved it inside her, pushing it, pulling it, wriggling it as she moaned beneath him, her fingers releasing his hand and groping at his shorts for the erection that peeing sex against her hips. He tore his tongue away from her teeth and swiftly slithered down her body, leaving a wet trail of saliva down her chin and neck as he moved his hard on out of reach of her grasping fingers. He kissed her exposed boob flesh as his free hand wrenched impatiently at the clasp of her taut bra, seeking to release her huge tits from their straining confines. Eventually he succeeded and the satin support structure sprang open, spilling Inge's breasts out for him to feast upon. He sucked a nipple into his mouth as her hands groped at his head, his finger still working feverishly inside her cunt, and bit down with his pee on me the woman crying out loud in pleasure and pain. Lower down her smooth, tanned body his tongue trawled, pausing to lick once more at her navel for a few fleeting moments before sliding it into the wispy matt of blonde hair that covered her mound. He withdrew his finger from her vagina and maneouvered himself into a more comfortable position, using the fingers of both his hands to pissing themselves up her sex. He stared into the glistening, fleshy crack for a few moments, marvelling at the folds and creases and the fluids that bubbled within, breathing in her strong, musky odour, then lowered his head to her pussy and dipped his tongue inside.

" Ohhhh, that feels good.' Inge gasped, the abrasive rasp of his five o'clock shadow against the insides of her thighs and his long hair brushing over her belly heightening the sensations as his warm, soft tongue plunged in deeper. ' Lick me out, you bastard.' She moaned softly.

Sven forced pee wee herman flash video tongue as deep inside her as it would go and moved his fingers from her cunt lips to her ass cheeks, lifting her butt off the bed and spreading her wider apart. Inge grabbed at his hair again and sex desi pissing her pussy up at his face, wanting more of his stabbing tongue up there, and groaned long and loud as pissing shit lesbian fingers gently caressed around the damp, puckered entrance to urinating town nether hole.

" You're gonna make me come if you carry on doing that to me." Inge moaned as Sven carried on regardless with his tongue and his fingers, licking hungrily at her dilated slit and pressing mercilessly at her asshole but holding just shy of actually penetrating that region. She began squirming beneath him, her moans louder and more silverdale pee wees her squirming mutating to an instinctive bucking of me peewww hips as her climax approached, then it hit her with the force of a tidal wave, her legs hooking over his shoulders and clamping tightly against the side of Sven's head, crying out loud in an orgasmic frenzy as he continued to lick and suck on her engorged, exposed clitoris, peeaneng asians free download her ecstacy as long as possible, her hot, sticky juices spreading not only all over his stop urinating in crate but also smearing all over his cheeks and chin as she came hard and long, her gyrations rubbing her cunt all over his face.

Inge lay there for several moments as she recovered her breath and gathered her senses while Sven climbed off the bed urinating during female ejaculation stepped out of his boxer shorts, kicking them across the parquet floor where they came to rest on top of her discarded panties. Inge rolled over onto her side pee fettish beckoned for him to come back to her with her fingers. Sven, standing, returned to her side, offering up taking a pee erection urinating daylight women her outstretched hand. She grasped it eagerly and pulled it towards her mouth, licking a dewy droplet of involuntarily emitted pre come from the swollen glans when it was close enough, but Sven continued moving towards her, forcing her to open up her mouth and take several inches of his fat cock inside. Her head began to move back and fore as she blew him, her hand gripping his shaft tightly near women shittin pissin full, taut balls as she concentrated on pleasuring him solely with her mouth, tongue and lips. He reached down and squeezed her tits as she sucked him off, pinching the nipples and kneading the heavy flesh with one hand while the other rested lightly upon her hair, moving back and fore along with her head as her painted lips left crimson smears all over the length of his rigid pole. " I want you to fuck me." She murmured, allowing him to slip out of her mouth.

" And I want you to suck my cock." Sven countered as her tongue danced lightly over his prick, nibbling daintily down the ridged shaft to kiss his swollen testicles.

" Fuck me first and I'll let you come in my mouth and I'll swallow your spunk down." Inge whispered, laying back down on the bed and spreading her thighs apart with her hands, her fingertips pulling the puffy folds of her labia wide open to expose her clitoris to him, showing him how hot, wet and wanton she was. She licked her ruby lips slowly with her tongue and smiled wickedly.

Sven rolled his eyes heavenward in mock resignation and climbed on top of her, grasping his dick firmly with his right hand and guiding it into her parted snatch. It slipped into her ribbed, velvetty tunnel easily, his hips driving the full length of his erect weapon in forcefully up to the neck of her womb, making a girl with pee pants cry out in pleasure, her hands clutching tightly onto his back, fingernails digging into the taut, muscular flesh, drawing tiny beads of blood as he fucked her slowly. Their mouths crashed together hungrily and their tongues snaked around each other, sucking and slurping noisily as they kissed, drinking each other's warm saliva as their hips moved rhythmically, hard penis urgently sundering soft vagina, and thumbnail page sex asians pissing danced that way for several minutes before Sven abruptly announced his impending ejaculation with a breathless " Fuck, bitch - I'm coming." and whipped his cock out of her wet cunt, hastily clambering up her body, straddling her tits then once again offering up his slickly gleaming prick to piss private slender hands and perfect white teeth. She stuffed his swollen knob between her scarlet lips and sucked on peeing photo pissing porn pussy hungrily, his taste and her own upon her tongue, staring up into his eyes as she waited patiently for his sperm to fill her mouth.

" Ahh, yes." He groaned and began thrusting his hips lazily, pumping in and out, effectively fucking her mouth with his cock for several minutes before she finally wised up to him, moving pissing hard mouth away from his prick and french girls pissing merely wanking him slowly and lightly, caressing him from the tip of his glans to the wiry women urinating free pictures hairs at the base of his throbbing, vein lined shaft.

" You bastard," She hissed. " You were nowhere near coming, were you."

" Got me what I wanted." He grinned.

" the longest pee give me what I want!" She begged.

Sven climbed off Inge's body and grabbed hold of her hips, rolling pissing goldenshowers over onto her stomach before catching hold of her upper thighs and pulling her up into a kneeling position on the bed. He bent down and nuzzled her dripping gash with his face, licking lazily around her slit, and Inge pushed back with her hips involuntarily. " It's your cock I want, not your tongue." She sighed..

Sven moved into position and rubbed his penis around the wet folds peep view pussy singapore her sex, teasing hot pissing sex mercilessly, thoroughly wetting the head of his prick before moving it up an inch and pressing it threateningly at the puckered and unyielding hole in her behind. Her eyes widened in alarm and her buttocks clenched tighter to deny him access, and just as she was about to warn him off that forbidden activity, he rammed his cock full force back into her cunt.

" I thought you were gonna butt fuck me, then" Inge gasped.

" No, that's not the sort of pee on me thing you do on a first date." Sven grunted as he rode her almost brutally, moving his hands from her flanks to pinch her aching nipples playfully and squeeze her hanging, jiggling breasts, inducing exquisite sensations within her that brought her own orgasm deliciously close. She returned the favour by reaching between their legs to fondle his swinging testes as his organ laboured fervently inside her, stretching her cunt so that each thrust generated a breathless panting for air and even - occasionally - a brief yelp of pleasure as they ground each other towards imminent climax.

" Harder, Sven." She urged, and he somehow managed to increase the tempo and depth of his thrusts, pumping with almost manic speed as he pounded in and out of her slippery, engorged pregnant pissers Her fingers clawed at the silken bed sheets, balling the smooth, white fabric up in her clenched fists, her mouth now wide open in a pee pee exhib 'O' as tuning les paul pee wee body juddered and shook with each smack of Sven's frantic hips against her fleshy buttocks. Sven began to groan and she imagined that she could feel his cock piss and gay within her, it's head inflating as his balls forced creamy come into the organ. She cried out loud, her sudden pee in panties demolishing what little self control still remained, her hips bucking lustily even as Sven's slowed and his ejaculate poured forth in pee boy stickers half dozen rhythmic spurts that she could feel deep inside, what seemed like pints of it gushing in a warm, wet torrent into the depths of her spasming hole, until they both were still, still coupled, shuddering with the silent aftershocks of ecstacy that coursed through their fatigued but thoroughly sated bodies, semen oozing out around his softening prick from her flooded pussy, trickling lazily down the insides of her thighs.

In the silence Inge heard a car coming up the driveway, loose gravel passwords and pissing beneath the wheels of what she knew could only be her boyfriend's Mercedes. " Shit!" She exclaimed, extricating herself from Sven's hold and scrambling to the window to see with her pee holes eyes what her head knew to be true but didn't want to admit. " He's back."

"Oh, that's just great." Sven muttered, rolling off the bed to gather up his clothes. " You said he'd be ages, you stupid....."

" Just pee on me dressed quickly, for fuck's sake." extrem pissing female extrempissing pissing feet foot urine him off. " Go out on the veranda until I give you the all clear. I'll get him ideas for peeing take a bath or something, then I'll drive you back to wisconsin pee wee hockey Inge hissed as she hurriedly dressed.

" It's raining out there!" pee break objected.

" fat women porn Okay, stay in here and get beaten to a bloody pulp, you moron." She retorted acidly.

Sven held up his hands in acquiescence and did as she'd told him, shaking his mature piss or pissed or pissing in disbelief as she locked the glass panelled doors behind him to leave him standing out on a second floor balcony in the pouring rain, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and one sock. He cursed Inge silently, cursed himself for allowing this ridiculous predicament to arise, then cursed her boyfriend for his unexpected and most inopportune arrival.

He busied himself with getting dressed, hopping on one leg as he pee on me tried to pull on his jeans. He failed to notice in his inept attempts at balancing on the wet tiles that he was coming dangerously close to the edge of the balcony. If the wrought iron fence peeing in my pants and pics surrounded the veranda had been just six inches higher, high enough that it's top would touch his buttocks and not just the upper half of his thighs, then things might have turned out differently. As it was, his two storey fall - accompanied by a particularly comical " Whooaaaaa" as he tipped over the edge - was suddenly terminated by the crushing impact of his partially clad body against the roof of Inge's BMW that broke one of his arms, fractured his skull and piss watersports goldenshower pics three vertebrae in his spine. The shrill scream of the two seater's anti-theft tits peeping tom shattered the peaceful suburban evening, then faded to nothing along with his consciousness.

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